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Disentanglement: A Gift from the Explorer Race Mentors
Ssjoooo through Robert Shapiro Saturday, October 13, 2001

Lie on a flat surface on your back, hands by your side, palms down and slightly away from your body—preferably three hours after eating and before you go to sleep, but it works anywhere, anytime. Remove any metal buckles and take coins or metal keys out of your pockets. Do not cross your legs or feet. This position allows you to get used to being open in your most receptive area.

Say out loud (if possible):

I am asking gold lightbeings  Earth gold lightbeings
lightbeings who are compatible with gold lightbeings
and lightbeings compatibel with the gold light
or both
to disentangle me
from all my discomforts and their causes

Squeeze your eyelids shut and then focus on the light patterns—don’t think. If you catch yourself thinking, gently bring your attention back to the light patterns and continue.

Do this for twenty or thirty minutes or for as long as you feel you need to do it or until you fall asleep. This can be done twice a day.

After a few weeks, make a list of every person and event in your life that makes you feel uncomfortable. Say the above statement and change the last sentence to:

…to disentangle me from all the discomfort and pain of …
[say name here]”

reading one or two names or events from the list. Do each name for two–three days or until you feel clear with the person.

Speaks of Many Truths Adds:

“You may notice that if you say those specific words or names during the course of your day, after you’ve done disentanglement on them three to five times, that you no longer feel physically as uncomfortable about them as you once did.

"This means the disentanglement is working. The objective is to feel physically calm. Keep saying those specific words or names in your disentanglement process until you feel physically calm. When you do, move on to other words or names, never more than one or two at a time.”

With friendly permission from

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Word Definition
benevolent [bı'nevələnt]
good, kind, benign, cheerful, bighearted, good-natured, copmpassionate, caring, altruistic, humanitarian, philantropic;
generous, magnanimous, munificient, unselfish, openhanded, beneficent;
literary: bounteous
Having a disposition to do good
Possessing or mani-
festing love to man-
kind and a desire to promote their prosperity and happiness

Om namah shivaya