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Core Living Prayer
Available in Multiple Languages

This Living Prayer is very useful in that it can help people around the world to free themselves of some of the things that cause them to feel powerless.

It will be mentioned in a longer length book by Robert Shapiro on Benevolent Magic and other life changing processes. You can find here a handful of translations so that you might be able to speak it in your own language.

Below the translations is an explanation of Zoosh how you can adapt this core Living prayer to any situation.

We'd be interested in your experiences saying these things in these other languages. If you feel that the words ought to be changed after trying them several times let us know and we will consider such a change especially if there is an agreement by many using that language. We thank you very much for your assistance in these matters.

The reason we're open to fine-tuning the words would be based entirely upon the results as far as you are using them can determine. The words that are stated in English will work for certain because they are tried and true. They've been used for years and years and years and have shown to work. Over the years there was a fine-tuning process to get the words just right based upon results.


I am asking that all those beings who need help
receive all the help they need now benevolently from all those beings who can help them


Ich bitte darum dass all diejenigen Wesen die Hilfe benötigen
alle Hilfe erhalten die sie jetzt brauchen
in einer wohlerzeugenden Weise
von all den Wesen die ihnen helfen können


Ik vraag dat alle wezens die hulp behoeven alle hulp die ze nodig hebben
nu welwillend ontvangen van alle wezens die hun kunnen helpen


Meri mang hai ki
har koi jo sahayatha ki dua kare
unhe har tharaha ki sahayathe mile unse jo sahayatha karne ki thakak rakthe hai






모든 도움이 절실히 필요한 그들에게 지금 자애롭게 그들을 도울수 있는 사람들의 도움을 받을수 있기를 기원합니다


أطلب أن جميع تلك الكائنات التي تحتاج إلى مساعدة تلقي كل المساعدة التي يحتاجون إليها الآن من الكائنات المطبوعة على حب الخير ويمكنها أن تساعدهم

Help for Beings Who You Feel Are Suffering
Zoosh, Sunday, November 14, 2004

The above Living Prayer can be easily adapted to any situation. «There will be times when you will see people, perhaps you will be driving by in the street, perhaps others will be driving or perhaps you'll be in public transportation and you will feel compassionate towards their suffering or even in the office or in your daily work, you will know by their very eyes, by feelings that you have around them that they are suffering. Then, what you do — you may not be able to do it then, you will work, you do not wish them to be embarrassed but at some other times when you are able, you will simply say a Living Prayer:

I am asking …

If you know their names, say it.
You can refer to the people by a description also
or you can fill in a (news) event
(perhaps that car crash or that sickness or disease that you were watching)
and you say where (you don't have to give all the details)
and you go on and say

… that all those individuals who need help receive all the help  benevolently
from all those beings who can help them now

Pause for a little bit afterwards and relax, don't think about them. Just think about the white [light]».

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Word Definition
benevolent [bı'nevələnt]
good, kind, benign, cheerful, bighearted, good-natured, copmpassionate, caring, altruistic, humanitarian, philantropic;
generous, magnanimous, munificient, unselfish, openhanded, beneficent;
literary: bounteous
Having a disposition to do good
Possessing or mani-
festing love to man-
kind and a desire to promote their prosperity and happiness

Om namah shivaya