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Living Prayer
Speaks of Many Truths, Friday, May 21, 2004
Living prayer allows you as an individual to give to the Earth. So many of you ask, “What can I do for the Earth? What can I do for the animals? What can I do for people suffering in other parts of the world or in my own town or family? What can I do?”

If people are suffering on the other side of the Earth, you can say, “May the people be nurtured and know they are loved. May their hearts be healed and may they find what they need, or may it be brought to them in a benevolent, beneficial way for all beings.

Say this key phrase —

I will ask”,  or  “I am asking”  —

out loud, though perhaps softly. This way it is understood that what you are asking is about physical things. In the case of a war on the other side of the world, you might say, “I ask that everyone’s heart be healed and that they find peace together in the most benevolent and beneficial way for them.

Let’s say you are driving through the forest and there is no one else around. Suddenly your heart hurts. It is a dull ache. When you get used to this living prayer, you will look around and say, “I will ask.” The moment you say that key phrase, Creator knows that you are saying a living prayer. “May the heart of the forest be healed. May the hearts of all the trees, plants, rocks, animals and spirits who like to be here be healed. May they enjoy their time in the forest and feel welcome.

Then go on. Your heart will probably feel better. If you get the feeling again farther up the road, say it again without looking at them, “May their hearts be healed. May they feel welcome wherever they go or where they are.

Remember, you have to say these blessings only once for each place, person or group of people. You are more sensitive now, and the plants and the animals and the stone and maybe even other people are more sensitive, too. You all need each other more now than ever, and here is something you can do to help others and feel better yourself.

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Word Definition
benevolent [bı'nevələnt]
good, kind, benign, cheerful, bighearted, good-natured, copmpassionate, caring, altruistic, humanitarian, philantropic;
generous, magnanimous, munificient, unselfish, openhanded, beneficent;
literary: bounteous
Having a disposition to do good
Possessing or mani-
festing love to man-
kind and a desire to promote their prosperity and happiness

Om namah shivaya