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There are no exact formulas in Benevolent Magic
The Natural World through Eileen Meyer, Thursday, April 7, 2005

«Benevolent Magic and Living Prayer that you have been working with is truly a gift to this world. […In] the teaching of these prayers, we feel there must be an approach that directs the student, shall we say, to connect with the natural frequency, the Natural World, their own Natural Self, to bring forth these words. For the purpose of education, the words may be presented as a formula of sorts. It is not unlike teaching a student how to write a song, or teaching a student to paint a picture. This is creation. It is unfair and it is unwise to teach a student exact formulas on how to create. All one can do is share what has come from within and out into the world, and listen to the story that that individual has to tell about how well it worked. ‘How wonderful this Benevolent Magic is, and here’s what happened! Here’s what I did.’ It is there, as formula, only to inspire this connection so that others may see that it is possible! Yet there must be their own willingness to connect with the Source frequency, the Natural Realm, the Heart, if you will. And bring forth their own inspired words from that natural connection. It is important, as has been stated in earlier communications on the topic of Benevolent Magic and Living Prayer, it is important at this stage, to say [out loud] the words that come from within.

So we will say now, that [the] translation of one individual’s words for, let’s say a Living Prayer, is only a teaching tool, do you see, until the connection is established within the student’s being — to pull these words up and out that resonate and have their own particular meaning to that individual, do you see? So it is important not to identify with words and structures, which are formulas. They must be viewed as examples or placeholders. […And] it is perfectly acceptable to have your placeholders until the deeper understanding, the deeper connection brings forth the words that vibrate [more closely] with that creation.

This is how creation works. It is done in the feeling realm. This is the pool of the un-manifest — the feeling realm. And you draw from the pool — the pool that all beings are connected to. And yet you are individuals in this world. There are, as we have stated, as many ways to draw from the pool and bring forth, as there are individuals, and that is what makes this realm so exciting and fun and fascinating.»

Eileen’s Notes

I just received a lot more coming out, which is quite often the case. What I was being shown was a ballet dancer, somebody learning ballet, and how disjointed it feels when you start. We can apply this to so many different things that we have learned in our lives, but I see the beginner ballet dancer and she loves ballet and wants to dance, but there is a time period where the movements and the form don’t feel natural at all. There’s a teacher there and the teacher is showing/demonstrating the pirouettes and the jumps and the, you know — I don’t know ballet — but all of the different standard dance steps and choreography. And then there’s a stage where all of those steps are put together and that’s another whole exploration in the application of what you’ve learned. What they’re saying is that this is the same for teaching these prayers and teaching creation prayers. We’re practicing it. We’re using other people’s moves and testing them out. Until that magical movement where something just clicks and it becomes your own dance. You’re one with this dance, and movement comes out of this natural-state connection — what they call second nature. It comes through you.

It’s all practice to connect with that flow yourself. Our prayer methods have been primarily mental throughout our history here — a desperate mental reaching for the Creator. And in this other way — connecting through feeling and inspiration and the heart — there’s no desperation about it. It’s totally natural. It’s finding and identifying that Creator resonance within yourself and manifesting with that.

Contributed by Eileen Meyer

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Word Definition
benevolent [bı'nevələnt]
good, kind, benign, cheerful, bighearted, good-natured, copmpassionate, caring, altruistic, humanitarian, philantropic;
generous, magnanimous, munificient, unselfish, openhanded, beneficent;
literary: bounteous
Having a disposition to do good
Possessing or mani-
festing love to man-
kind and a desire to promote their prosperity and happiness

Om namah shivaya