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Gary Czychi

Gary Czychi

Counselling Offers
Spiritual Counseling
with Tarot:

• in Person*
• by E-Mail*
• by Telephone 

*With these options you will receive a detailed color document of your spread, thoroughly explaining the meaning of your cards (see Examples).

By human law and by spiritual law it's me that is responsible for this website: Gary Czychi, Bernhardstr. 63, D-53227 Bonn, Germany.

You can reach me most easily by E-Mail ( or by phone: home +49 (228) 944-98-955, cell: +49 (172) 2 5555 44. From the US dial 011 instead of the +.

About the Tarot und myself

I have learned to know the Tarot back in 1989 and at the same time I discovered my favorite deck, the Morgan Greer deck, which was illustrated by William Greer under the direction of Lloyd Morgan. You can find good pictures of the deck at Today, I am very fond of the Osho Zen deck, whose imagery is very intriguing, modern and quite intense.

For a long time, I have used the Tarot only for myself, mainly using «The Next Step» layout from Hajo Banzhaf. The next step never failed me to guide me through my obstacles in life and has become my all-time favorite Tarot layout.

When I finally decided to do readings for others, I was overwhelmed by the positive feedback I received and it motivated me to put out this website. I'd like to express my deepest gratitude for all those that I was allowed to help and who sent me their comments on their readings. Whenever I do a reading I am being blessed and rewarded. Thank you all.


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Om namah shivaya